Fraudsters – cheated with oyo policy

We booked two room on 23th Dec-25th Dec 2017 for our family in Hotel Shivam Musoorie (Excellent Rating) and paid online. My Booking ID is FYUN0937. We didnt like the property but checked into the hotel at 6 PM. The rooms was with full smell of garbage and food was extremely bad. Somehow we spent a night over their and next morning hotel staff misbehaved with our family for Breakfast. We had a hot arguments with owner as well. I asked to Oyo at 9 AM to cancel or change my booking. They told me to wait for 10 min and promised to call me back with a solution. I dint get a call. called oyo again..executive again promised to call me wihtin 10 mins with a solution. Finally We checked out the hotel at 10 AM. After 12 PM I received a call from OYO. They told me neither they can change the property nor cancel the booking (non-refunded as per his policy). As per their wording “They talked with hotel staff for the problem, you can check in again.” I shocked. First off all how can you show “Excellent Rating” for such type of third class property ?. Second how can anyone stay in that property with his family after such fight ? My first experience with OYO was horrible.

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