Frauds by miscreants in the name of Bajaj Finance Ltd.

Location/place: Allahabad Uttar Pradesh

Name of company/service: Bajaj Finance Ltd.

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you in company’s interest that some miscreants are doing fraud in company’s name and looting money from customers defaming the company.
Recently I have been victimised these people. In year 2007-2008, I took a 0% loan from the then Bajaj Finance Ltd for a washing machine in Allahabad Uttar Pradesh.
3rd or 4th emi had a problem, in which the money has been debited from my account and not received by the company. I showed the bank statement proofs and the matter was solved. Some months after the company left the business from Allahabad due to losses or whatever reason and I didn’t get NOC, but I’ve never been approached for that matter till last week when a man imersonating SI Akash Ran a from Delhi Police called my Brother in law (I gave my BIL’s no. To company for FI of address during loan), in foul language he said that there is a case against Dr Poonam Singh by Bajaj Finance Ltd Company for non payment under sec 194. He gave some advocate Mahesh wadvani’s no. I called him. He said that in 2007-08, the non paid emi by you is now Rs 11120 with addition of late fees etc. you either come to delhi and fight the case or just pay the amount on bajaj finance ltd account no 00070350004465 at HDFC Pune BHANDARKAR road branch.
I paid the amount from my HDFC bank online transfer and gave him the transaction reference no. He said after verifying the transaction he will inform me and emancipate the case.
He will provide the receipt and NOC on mail.
From then phone numbers of both the adv and si are switched off. That means my money is gone.
My concern is that someone from company, maybe old agent is with them doing this fraud. May be more like me have been looted.
This is just to inform you people about what is happening at company’s name so a disclaimer is posted by you about these fraudulent activities are not from company.
Thank you,
Dr Poonam Singh

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