frauds and scams by reliance company

&lt;p&gt;&lt;b&gt;Location/place&lt;/b&gt;: kolkatta&lt;/p&gt;<p><b>Name of company/service</b>: relaince (smart) connection service</p>Its very sad to say that such a reputated mobile service do cheap things such as reducion of main balance without any reason…this is reason why i dnt recharge with a big lump sum of money because i know the frad company with eventualy deduce it …the on the 15 of april 2013,again the same happend as i was recharging my phone the blance got reduced to 0 again n dis contionues evry time i did so whn i complain in the 198 complaint number thier gve me al diffirent reasons for it n atlas thy admited it was thy fault bt didnt withdraw my money back …my service request no 201511811…kindly look into the matter

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