Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: Tikona Broadband Services

This is to put into picture the working of Tikona and i am really disappointed to use your services since i am not able to access internet at my home since last 2 or 3 months.

Since last 2- 3 months, i usually get the actual speed of 2 – 25 kbps against a plan where i assumed 256 kbps to 2 mbps ( most of the times it doesn’t even get connected ), i raised this complaint on and off with your technical tele – executives and the executives/ engineer whenever had come to my place compromised had resolved the problem temporarily for a day or two and i used to face the same problem in a day or two when ever i had to access the internet urgently.

Since i dont stay in India much and travel on and off i had placed my interest in Tikona for the reason i had trust in it because of some one s reference but i am really disappointed as( executive / engineer used to visit me after 4 – 5 complaints made) i never used to get as promised by your tele – techical executives a visit by the engineer / executive in 48 hours .

Once the executive came to my house and said there is a problem in my adapter and that it has to be changed for proper functioning and will bring it in an hours time and never came back to visit again till 3 days, when i called the executive on his personal number, he promised to visit me the same day but didn’t come up again when i lost my temper and called the customer care no. to ask them why still my problem hasn’t been resolved they replied its been resolved and i had a work with them which i never had when i realised how bad the service is since there are such bad engineers working with Tikona who convey wrong information ahead and next day i got a call from customer care and who connected to me to the same executive on 3 way conference call who said sorry and promised to visit me again the same day and sent another executive.

Since then i was aware to keep track of my complaint numbers as advised by one of your nice speaking techinal support tele – executive .

I started keeping track of my complaints and still when i never got a solution, i decided to throw Tikona s bad services out of my home and spoke to the billing departments,got my amount waived (still i had to pay amount which i never could use, only logged in but every time it got disconncted) and requested for dis connection who suggested me to mark a mail on [email protected] for the same but very next day i got a call from your mumbai s office and a very decent executive calmed me down and promised me it would all be resolved by the same day and i decided to give Tikona another chance since i liked its service for a few days in the beginning when it just was assembled at my home.
As i remember 26th May i spoke to the executive and on 27 th May 2012 i got this call from Mumbai but still none of your executive visited as promised once again by the mumbai s executive and i registered a complaint on 28th May complaint number 1-2332566605 for which for the 1st time executive visited me for the same day on 28th May and said there is a problem with the device and will be changed but fixed the device temporarily the same day and went and didnt come back with the device as promised for which i raised a complaint again on 1st june 2012 complaint number 1-2336762023 for which executive again came fixed the device temporarily again and promised to bring device in 2 minutes and its 2 weeks again and he is vanished. Each time they fixed it temporarily my internet worked for 5 mins – thanks to your well appointed engineers.\

After which i left India for a couple of days and now 12th june- evening spoke to executive – was driving and could not list down complaint number .
13th June complaint number 1-2351840262 – promise was made for an executive visit within 48 hours but still no visit made.
Today its 15th June complaint number 1-2354907009 and i am again promised a visit, but I am really sure thsi time that my decision is wrong to stick with Tikona so would like you to take this useless device adapter and wire from my place.

Its been 2 – 3 months that i have been registering complaints since i am not able to access internet and only twice the executive had come in last 1 – 1.5 months at my place after 20 – 30 of requests being made who said the device has to be changed and will come the next day but never returned back both the times. ( Different executives both the times )

Tikona is the worst service i have ever used and i would like to take this matter further ahead to the customer court and would like to share my experience publically as well.

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