They had called me for the home-based i.e. Captcha typing work. I also agreed with their terms & conditions. But they neither inform me regarding the timings of the work nor they told me that they’ll cut Rs. 5,000 amount once I get the payment. On my very first day of work, they took half day to share my login id & password even after login, they are saying that you can start your work only after 6 pm; which they haven’t mentioned me anywhere. Even after that, I agreed to work with full of zeal & enthusiasm. I need some part-time job so that I can run my house. We have 5 members in my family & I’m just earning 10K which is not sufficient for such a big family; even my parents are also not working. Rest this, I got my work at night i.e. 11 pm. On the next day, their panel was not working & I tried at least 7 to 8 contact numbers but not even single no. get connected. Each & every number was invalid just a few minutes after taking up this work. I tried to call their helpline no. I told her that I don’t want to continue this work because I found it fraud. But she said that I have to work otherwise I had to pay 5000, and she cut my call without helping me. I share my medical reports with them, they said that anyone can make fake reports, they started arguing with me. I was so shocked that how can one force me to work. I refused to work but from then they start harassing me via giving me warnings. I tried a lot to contact them, I had at least 7 to 8 contact numbers of them, but none of them helped me. The person, Pari Patel, a member of Siena Services, who suggested to me this work seen my messages on WhatsApp but didn’t reply to me once. I keep getting anxious about how can I manage to pay such big amount, without even doing work. After 2-3 days, I got a call from their helpline department, she asked me why I don’t want to continue work, I told her everything, and she was saying it’s okay mam, no issue, and she cut the call. I thought that now everything is sorted. But before 2 days, I got a call and a woman, named Nisha or Nishi, screaming on me, keep yelling on me and giving me warnings to pay the amount otherwise our Legal department will see you. After a day, I got a call from their legal dept., Sujit, says that you have to pay 5000 as you have not submitted your work, I keep telling him that I can’t pay, as I have tried a lot but your members haven’t help me. And now, from the last 2 days, they keep sending me messages, emails. It feels like they are harassing me. When I tried to call them, their no.s get invalid. They didn’t even reply on mail. Now I got to know through Consumer Forum that they all are frauds.

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