fraudent selling of old iphone with pretext of new and not giving refund

Location/place: kochi

Name of company/service:

i had bought ipone from the ebay portal.on receiving the item i did not find to the expectations of what was given of item description. i contacted the seller as told by the ebay site and he told for a return the same with another one. the new one was also as bad as the old one and in doing this one month passed away. i filed a complaint at ebay which they rejected on grounds that it was not filed within the stipulated time of one month. now i have a bad product and both ebay and seller have washed hands from working on it. if the ebay gives preference to contact seller and sort out the issues which take time then how can they wash off their hands at a later stage..this is mass fraud which they are doing through the sites by promoting their sellers who are doing such wrong practise.

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