Fraud with the future of students

Hello, i am Neha. I am from palwal, haryana. I did my graduation and post graduation from delhi University. After that I have applied for the admission in b.ed through this bhagwani devi memorial institute, Ballabhgarh. They charge 1500 for application form and advance fee during the time of application form in july. This institute is affiliated from Chaudhary ranvir Singh University and when i check their application form online it was for 1000 rs not for 1500. After one month they charge second installment of fee and third installment in next month. So that they charge 30,000 from me as their half college fee. Also they don’t given any recipt of fee. When i asked for fee receipt they said they have record of my fee and they don’t give recipt to anybody. After 4 month when i asked for status of my admission they said you will get admission soon wait for it. They have not given any information regarding my admission till November. After that when i call them they said you didn’t get admission. When i asked why they said your form was rejected because you are from delhi university, and this year CRSU first prefer their state students so that you are rejected. I was shocked because my whole year is wasted because of this institute. They filled my application form 2 times as they said. One form is for 1500 and other form is form 2500. They also said they can fill third form also for 3000 rs. I don’t know which University take 4-5 forms from one student for admission. When i asked for fee refund they cut 4 thousand rupees from my given fee. When i asked they said they have filled my two forms. When i asked for receipt of my two forms. They said they can’t give recipt to students. When i pressure them to give me receipt they talk with me in a bad manner and said they don’t have any recipt and get out from here. The fact is that they charge application fee 2 time from every student and even they don’t have filled application form of b.ed of many students. They put this money in their pockets also they don’t have any department for b.ed they are running this institute in a school bansi vidya niketan where 2 rooms are alloted for b.ed. one room is used for office purpose and other room is very small nd capacity of 4-5 people. They don’t have any staff for b.ed students. There is only one teachr for b.ed who did admissions of students.they don’t have any facility for b.ed students even they take admission in every subject’s of b.ed. This institute charge extra ruppes from the students for mainating their attendence record so that the students only come at the time of exams. No classes are taken in this institute because they don’t have staff. They charge 1 lakh rupees from every stydents for b.ed.My request is only for checking the college affilation, how this institute get affilation from CRSU. Beacuse it is very bad for students future. Many students like me get their year wasted because of this institute.

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