fraud sucking the money

Location/place: Tuticorin

Name of company/service: runs play rummy online. When you enter first in cash game, yu will be immediately won. They will not allow you to win than what U invested. Redeem chips is bogus one. They have Robo which will play and never allow to win.
If at all you are NEARING TO WIN automatically YOUR NET WILL BE will be disonnected BY THEM and cannot submit cards, but you will be imposed penalty of middle drop. My friend invested 500 stakes for 12 times and won about 2500/ redeemed. afterwards, he lost about 62,000/=. Do not play in this site. Only Andhra people forming group play and win to each other and you wont be allowed to WIN..BEWARE OF THESE BLOOD SUCKERS OF MONEY? bLOODY FELLOWS ON LINE FRAUD.

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