Fraud sellers on ebay using ebay’s platform to cheat customers

On 30 May 2014 some fraud had used my debit card to make online purchases worth Rs 95,760 online. This started when I purchased a mobile on 29 May 2014 night at about 10.45 pm on Ebay . After I paid for my mobile to ebay, I got an email from ebay. It was written in the email that I need to verify my purchase of the mobile by clicking on a link else my account will be suspended and my purchase cancelled. This link required me to enter my debit card details and it was mentioned that Rs 2 will be deducted for that. On that link it was also written that you can verify through your mobile, but there was no option provided for doing it. So, I entered the details of my debit card and clicked on submit, but, it showed an error. The next morning I saw multiple message alerts from my bank showing withdrawal of money from my account at 04.43 am on 30 May for various transactions.The purchases by the fraud person have been made at Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Freecharge and Mobikwik. I have been trying to contact all these merchants since 30 May to cancel the orders paid for by my debit card. But there has not been any update from other merchants.
The seller who sold the mobile to us on ebay is apparently the fraud behind all this. Because he has not shipped our phone yet and he got my debit card details through that email from ebay.
FIR has been registered (number 384) at Rani Bagh Police Station

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