Fraud Postpaid Plans

Location/place: Mumbai

Name of company/service: Frontline Sales Pvt Ltd Andheri

My name is Samson Dsouza and I have been an airtel prepaid customer for the last 6 years. I recieved a call from an Airtel DSA named Frontline Sales Pvt Ltd based in Andheri last week which offerred me a plan to switch from prepaid to postpaid. It was basically a fraud plan that was propsed to me which came to my attention when inquired in the market.Below is the details of the fraud plan that was proposed to me by a lady named Shraddha from this DSA.

Fraud Plan
Government Plan.
Security Deposit Amount – 350.
Security Deposit Amount Refundable after 45 days automatically

Howvere in Reality there is no plan named govt plan.
Security Deposit Amount – 300
Security Deposit Amount Refundable after 45 days on cancellation of card

Considering the above mentioned fraud plan that was proposed to me without knowing it was a fraud I signed up for two prepaid to postpaid conversions The pickup boy came to my place made me sign two forms and collected a cheque of rs 700 and two sets of documents from me for 2 Prepaid to Postpaid conversion.He handed over two SIM cards to me with SIM numbers.The verification officer came over to my place completed the verification process.However eventually only the first number and card got activated.

I had to call up the DSA several time where i was given a run around by asking to speak to different people like Shraddha, her teamleader Renuka, a person named Satish and Mr Moses.

While speaking to Miss Renuka she even had the odasity to tell me that Shraddha is a new employee and she wanted to meet her target so she scared of loosing a sale on me hence she pitched this fraud plan.

I have all the conversations recored on my phone right from the first call to the last one where i have spoken to Mr Moses – he says I will recieve a refund within the next 2 days.

I am very dissatisfied with the the chain of events and really considering to switch provoders apart from fiing a case in the consumer court and luanching a complain on the consumer forum.

Kindly intervene and take control of this matter.

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