Fraud On the name of abroad job and immigration

Name of company/service: xpect consultants

Hello , Guys I’m writing this complain to aware you all from the xpect consultancy one of the fraud consultancy on internet they have very impressive website to take over confidence of innocent people
they show so many toll free no. on their website of different countries but they all are belong to one person MR. Rajdeep Singh he is basically punjabi and and got sim from both punjab and kolkata so he can pretend that he belongs to punjab as well as kolkata depend upon the customer location from where he got the call he used to put add advertisement on internet with address of punjab ludhiana ( which doesn’t exists ) while his website shows his real address is in kolkata . He is the only person managing this fraud company. He generally show his advertisement on online Classifieds like quiker,olx, etc and show that they are very original after contacting him he generally start processing with resume and on very next day he sends email with fake job letter to candidates and start demand 35000 Inr to start processing and after LMO Clearance he demands MONEY IN LAKHS. without showing LMO HRDC LETTER . but if u look in canadian website u will find that he is just a lier nothing more then that. and if u disagree and start demanding him your LMO letter which is requirement of canadian work permit he start argue and stop picking up calls while holding candidates 35000 Indian rupees. he don’t have any branch in any country just to prove this point here is the link of his orignal company website which is basically Pc network and computer support company name – advantech global which is Mr. Rajdeep’s main business the phone no. on this website is same what he is written in contact details of his canadian office .. on xpect consultancy website +1 877-778-8310 ,and the emails which he is used to send on the name of Dwayne Dawson one of his fake board member is originally comes from Delhi MTNL broadband IP address: Country: India (IN) State: Delhi not from Canada or another foreign country (what a dumb guy or he is thinking all others are dumb). He registered his Indian phone no. with one of the toll free service provider company online with different extensions (which can be done by anyone in world ) after calling on every extension i found voice behind all extensions are same . Even all his Certificates on his website are fraud he copied all of them from some where and change name and address of his organization before upload on his website for example on his website he is showing Australia immigration agent no 1068712 if you go on Australian immigration website and search this no. u will not find any consultant register on this no. Forever after searching after searching abt his iso certificate which he is shown on his website shows is copied this certificate from some where because if u trace his registration on Bsi website ( which is British trademark company ) u will found that no company registered with this certificate no. and in a same way i found all other certificates etc which he is showing on his website are also fake. and the pics of different board members on his websites which are not really exist they all are copied from internet and after editing uploaded by him on his website. So Guyz dnt let him make you fool. and Mr rajdeep stop playing with others dream god will never forgive you.if any Indian goverment official reading this please take proper action against him he is playing with iso trademark and immigration policies of country more over he is ditching people and doing fraud with confidence which can be cost of anyone’s life. Please take proper action against him before it get too late.

Im suffering i dont want others to suffer

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