Fraud On Personal Loan

Location/place: Delhi/NCR

Name of company/service: PolicyBazaar

Dear Reader,
My Name is Neeraj Dhiman and I applied for a personal loan of Rs. 1,00,000(12 EMI’s) from Axis Bank for through Policy Bazaar on 7th May 2013 and Mr. Hemant Kumar Mishra(9015594869,[email protected]) was my coordinator and i told him that i need loan urgently before 20 May 2013 and he promised me to process the loan within 7 working days and i submitted all the required documents whatever he asks but he did not process the loan within time and made false commitments by saying everyday that your loan will be transferred tomorrow but that did not get transferred.
on 20 May i received a message from axis bank that the loan is sanctioned for amount of Rs. 1,50,000 after that i talk to Mr. Dheeraj([email protected]) regarding that and he asked me to submit a letter which i had submitted the same day and also i send a mail for reducing the amount and than on 22 May Mr. Hemant Mishra told me that your DD has come of 1,50,000 and convince me to take the whole amount of 1,50,000 by saying that you can prepay the loan amount as there are no prepay charges but he hide the facts and mislead me he did not told me that the no. of EMI will be changed and he changed the EMI’s to 60 without informing or asking me.
on 22 May 2013 he told me that your loan amount will be transferred on friday for sure but on friday that wasn’t transferred than on friday he said that he has submitted the DD in bank and it will be come in account on saturday for sure but still i didn’t get the amount than on saturday he given another excuse and said that the amount will be transferred on monday by 11 AM, when the amount was not transferred i called him again but he did not pick my call and given me no answer and when i talk to my bank then i got to know that no DD is submtitted to my account and after that i keep calling him and that after he told me that the DD was submitted to ATM not to the Bank branch when i asked him for the reference number and he given me Mr. Vishwanath’s number and said he will tell me the status where was the DD was submitted but Mr.Vishwanath did not given me any satisfactory answer and text me that he cant help me as he has no knowledge where the DD was submitted.
It was the evening of 27 May and i need the amount for my brother’s marriage on 29 May. i was in trouble as i had no money and on monday evening he promised me that the amount will be transferred on tuesday but it was not transferred on tuesday(28 May), marriage was on 29 May and the amount was not transferred till now so i had to borrow money on very high interest rate from the local people just because of the careless behavior.
I receive the amount on evening of 29 May which was useless for me till that time as i had already taken the money.
Than i was shocked to see that the EMI’s was converted to 60 from 12 without informing me and when talked to Hemant again regarding the EMI’s and to prepay loan amount he said it will be done and when i asked him to tell me the process to reduce the EMI’s and prepay the amount he said first you have to pay the first EMI than it can be done but he did not tell me what to do next i called him again n again i have send him many mails regarding that but he is not responding i have paid the first EMI on 5th June but still he is not responding to my mails or my calls and i have already suffered a lot because of him and i am still suffering as he is not picking my calls and not replying to my mails and i have decided to move to consumer court against him as this is a complete fraud case.
Name – Neeraj Dhiman
Loan No. – PPR005600729628

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