Fraud of Skool Store

Fraud of Skool Store
Order #112149448 (June 16, 2018)
No stock / refuse to return money (saying already return money to bank account).
I had place order for Kids shoe at Online name of site called “SKOOL Store” on June 16th (16.06.2018), amount Rs.410.00 after a week I called and known the shoe not available and they told me that amount will be refund to your bank account….
After 15day later I checked the given number in the website and asked them my order return money then they asked me bank account… I send SMS as well as Email to them….they told within 7days will be credit Rs.410 to your account…but not received the amount still the date.
I called today asked refund/return money, they told me already deposited in bank account….
But they not confirm which day deposit made….check with my bank account last 35days no Rs.410 deposit….
NO STOCK, now they refused to speak for refunds, saying already refunded to bank account.

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