Fraud of evergreen tower pvt ltd

Location/place: Boisar, Thane, maharashtra

Name of company/service: Evergreen Tower Pvt Ltd

read the advertisement of ‘evergreen tower pvt ltd’ to construct the mobile tower in your land with certain terms and condition. I registered in it.So they send some customer application form, telecommunications infrastructural policy with seal of’vernament of india’with sign & ‘suchana patra’. In the ‘suchana patra’ they said “the evergreen company is approved by government of india & its registered no 53104.They also said”they built up 11983 towers in all over india”
then I contacted them and some lady pickup the call. I asked more information about the same, and she explained and asked me to transfer money in some person’s account of s.B.I bank. I DID that and transferred 25000rs. After transferring, I called them again, and they asked to transfer 20000rs again. I DID it again. 3rd time they called me and asked me to pay 35000rs more, and I said no to them directly as this wasn’t mentioned in the papers they sent to me. After that, many times I tried to contact them, and hadn’t got any response from their side.

Now I don’t know what should I do.
Please help regarding this.

Following is the address they mentioned in their website:
evergreen pvt ltd
ho:D 12,1st &2nd floor,
south extension,part 2,new delhi 110049
kolkata office:
107 a,rasbihari avenue,2nd floor,south kolkata.700029.

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