Fraud/Money Laundering

I Aditya Rai would like to take this time to complain about Prudential Partner Janakpuri New Delhi.
In 2014 my father got in touch of an agent who manipulated my father and got him persuaded and eventually duped us.
My father was always threatened to keep paying everytime they ask otherwise the interest would be nullified and he would be charged penalty.
Thus he did so.
Now they say nothing can be done.
By giving them law scare they aren’t bothered.
Now we are left with nothing.
We have all the records of all documents from cheques, to online transaction to bounced cheques etc.
We need immediate valuable help and support from anyone who can.
Company-Prudential Partner Janakpuri New Delhi
We will provide all the details possible.
Please help.
Thank you.

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