Fraud by Manohar Pillai

Dear All,

I would request to everyone who are planning to invest in Sonakshi Forex don’t ever invest not even a single penny. Manohar Pillai big fraudster person. He cheated lot of people of Punjab & Haryana. His main target to get huge amount with small-small investments, After investment he will give you 3-4 times return after that you will not get anything. If you want to invest then tell him you will meet before investment then only you will invest, Manohar Pillai will never ever meet you. He said Sachhender Mahender Paswan is Director of company in actual he is in Gardener of Manohar Pillai. He told everyone I have multiple offices in Pan India but not giving address to anyone. Lots of complaints registered against Manohar Pillai. I urge to all don’t ever invest your hard earned single penny.

Contact email id – [email protected]

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