Fraud made by Railway

Location/place: DELHI/ BANDA

Name of company/service: Solution Point India

I have made complaint many time with Railway. Because I didn’t made any travel because of connecting train was late that’s not my fault. I purchased a General ticket from Jhansi to NZM and I paid excess ticket fare of other ticket. In that way Railway show me as traveled. When I show my all proof that I had not made any travel. Than Railway said that please provide Correct PNR for reopen the case. If railway didn’t have my PNR no.than how Railway said that I made travel. This case already take around 2 months but there is no reply for this mistake. Whenever I ask for the TC name and Passenger name which one made this fault chart and which one traveled on my seat by my name. Railway always ignore my mail there was no specific answer, Railway always divert me. I want my Ticket amount and Compensation on behalf of false statement made by Railway and Their mails.

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