Fraud Institute Faking Information

NDT Training Institute / TWG Group based out of Chennai is a No.1 Fraud Institute. This institute is faking all the information on their website. They have 100s of websites to mislead people. They are registered with MSME but anyone having a GST Number and Current Account by paying some extra bribe can get registered with MSME & even get ISO Certifications.

This institute is ranking on Page No.1 & 2 not because they are good institutes but because they are following all wrong practices of SEO. If you refer screenshot you can see what all they are doing. They have used 1000+ keywords on their site as in image below. This way they are ranking their website on Page 1 doing all wrongful practices.

When a company does all wrongful practices to make money, it means they are the WORST Kind of People. So don’t go to NDT MEP Institute/ TWG Group and waste your time and money.

There are many best institutes in Chennai which you can find. But NDT and TWG Group is a big “No”.

They steal content from other institute and claim it to be their own. Everything is stolen content – Study Materials, Presentations, Videos. Total Thirutu Rascals!

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