Fraud India Today – Magazines Subscription

Location/place: Bangaloe

Name of company/service: India Today Group


I subscribed to the magazine India Today online. They promised me that every week, I will receive a copy of subscription. But I am not getting all the issues and that too not in time.

I have done online payment on 29th-Feb-2012.
My subscription has been commenced w.e.f issue dated 26.03.2012 to be valid till the issue dated 17.03.2014 against the subscription number ITE1922839.

Status as of 14th June 2012.

Till date I have received only issues for:
26th March,
23rd April
30th April
14th May,
21st May,

I never received the subscription copies for following weeks:
2nd April,
9th April,
16th April,
7th May,
28th May,
4th June and
11th June.

Everytime I call or send a mail, they promise to provide all the missed copies within 7 days, but I never received it.

Either I want all missed copies and future copies in proper time or I want my money back.

Please let me know if any further information is required.

Navin Agarwal.

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