Location/place: MUMBAI

Name of company/service: NEELAM GULATI LASER CENTRE

My worst laser treatment – with Neelam Gulati OverPromised and UnderDelivered. Felt she wasn’t serious about the treatment of Facial laser hair removal and kept pushing for 10 or 20 sittings where I was quoted 5 sittings by other clinics when I consulted them after her sittings. Results weren’t good. I have photographs showing bad results. She kept pushing for botox and other such injection treatments even when upfront I had told her I am not interested in it. Every sitting she would simply tell her assistant to keep applying ice and never covered full face or neck or back as she promised and gave only 6-9 shots. Simply money mongering exercise. She charged from me Rupees 26500 upfront payment. She even suggested I put some ointment (additional 1200 rupees) which after I put caused some allergy and then I saw on the packet of it was written that the ointment must not be used without a Dermatologists’ prescription. When I asked her to address my grievance during the fifth sitting, she was rude to which I had to resort to write emails to her and still no positive response, which made me ask for refund even to which she delayed. And at the time of refund, she took a revenue stamp cancelled signed paper as a cash receipt and to my surprise gave me a ACCOUNT PAYEE CHEQUE. I pronounce her as a CHEATER. Would never recommend her to anyone at all ever in my life.

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