fraud in giving insurance policy

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: birla sun life insurance

i had applied for a policy named VISION of amount 50000, for a term of 5 years on 22/03/2012 at bsli.but when the policy reached me on 3rd april,[email protected] 5:30 pm. there was a huge mistake(which i noticed initially) that My policy term was changed to 20 years, my email id was wrong. i mailed & telephoned immediately to the agency from where i took the policy about the mistake.they said it is a mistake done by mumbai office and u will get a corrected copy of your policy soon.

after 10 days or so after contantly being in touch they said the policy has been dispatched from mumbai and will reach you within a day or two. but after three days courier didnt reached me and thankfully to god i also mailed customer care about the mistake.

by that time i also noticed that my form no. is changed from 45518726 to 46159802, all my details like my employer was Harmeet trading, and i had an experience of 4 years are wrong, while i completed my degree in year 2009 and my experience was less than 3 years.age details of my father and mother are wrong. and most imporantly my signatures are forged, my handwriting is no where in the form while i myself filled the form 45518726.

after all the interaction with customer care and the agent ,after not much help from them we went to the branch where we submitted all the documents for the freelook cancellation of my policy on 1st may,2012 as i mailed the customer care and the agent regularly for the change of term periods of the policy and no reply from them.

i was given assurance that no injustice will be held with you and you will get your money back within 25 days and compliance team will contact you for investigation.

its been about 52 days now , but nobody contacted me once asking my problem.

also when i called customer care on 12th june,2012, they said via complaint no. 027648044(rashmi) that all the formalities are over and the backhand team will contact you within 5 days. its been 10 days now but nobody contacted me.

i have been completely harassed with this situation and dont know what to do next,please help me in this situation.

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