Fraud In Credit Card 5415382311892103 Delivery and then Transaction done

Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: ABM Amro Bank

I applied for the ABN Amro Credit Card thrice under very high presuure of call centers.They took my documents but i didnt received any card from them.I dont know which request they have entertained.All of a sudden i got one statement of CC mentioning i have dues to Pay.I called coustomer care and registered complaint that i never received it,if you have delivered then Pl send the copy of delivery challan with details of person who has received it.They fail to provide and they didnt anwered my written letter sent to thier HO.Its more suscpicous to note that i neither recieved card nor PIN.As per policy both should be sent on different adresses.As per Call ceter even Transation has happened in Amritsar as cash withdrawl,few days before the expiry of CC.Complaint registered in fraud deptt as refrence no 07051601919 to Mr Kawardeep

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