Fraud from Country Club with customer – help to take action for getting money back

This is to update that I attended the country club presentation at Gandhinagar (Gujarat) location on 1/12/2018, and some how I got agree to become member, even though no time given to me for think to become the member.

I signed the membership form at that time only, and my credit card was swiped.

Reasons of asking cancellation (on the same day within 2 hrs)
They blocked whole 2,50,000/ amount at the same time in my credit card, which was not told to me,
The resorts shown me as their property but when I checked it on website, many of them are associated properties and I have to pay extra amount to use those resorts.
They told me that food, air ticket and pickup/drop taxi fare will have 30% off but when I checked in agreement, it shown as BLUE and it will have 20% discount, at the time of presentation and sign it, it was not shown to me, but when reached home and checked the agreement, it was written.
When I calculated the exact membership fees along with maintenance and bank interest, I realized it become too high for me, and I am unable to afford that amount.
Customer care number mentioned in agreement is not working from my and my wife’s mobile number (it says “Its not a valid number, please check the number you dialed”).
At the time of presentation they manipulated me a lot and forced me to take the membership.
After reaching home, we realized and not to continue so immediately (after 2 hrs on the same day) called the same sales manager (Ms. Firdosh, relationship manager at Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat branch) and inform about my concern of cancelling my request. So she suggested that we should again meet and discuss on the solution.

Continuously (since 1/12/2018) I was in touch with her and on (4/12/2018) we met up to discuss on the same for cancelling the request. She suggested me to give the written application for cancelling my membership along with reason as I am unable to pay the amount and I don’t want to go ahead from here (attached the acknowledgement letter given by Ms Firdosh, relationship manager at Vastrapur branch, Ahmedabad) .

As a customer, if I dont want to go ahead, and finally it is whole my money, I can always claim to get it refunded, but I am not getting positive response from them and they are saying it is not refundable.

I am very common man, and its a very big amount to block the same amount at the same time (along with 15% interest), I request you to please provide your valuable suggestion. Please help to take the further action against country club.


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