Fraud done by Bajaj alliance life insurance company

Recently I took a bajaj Allianz life insurance ULIP policy named “Bajaj Allianz Goal assure”. This is an ULIP plan. I took it over the web sales team ,paid Rs 5000 and yer didnot recieve the patment receipt. Still now I havent recieved the bond papers. I have mailed seceral times to the company and whenever the reply me over mail they provide a link, when I click on the link I could find no documents available for the policy mentioned in a pop up box. I had several speeches with policy bazaar and bajaj customer care team. i also mailed to the bajaj alliANZ web sales team. But what they do is simply mail me the link where I could find no documents if my policy. I am in a fraud case with policy 0346873001 from bajaj Allianz. Even I asked them ti cancel my policy and refund my Mooney back, but they mailed me saying that they require my policy bond for the policy to get cancelled. When they know that I have still not yet recieved the policy bond papers neither in hard nor soft copy. Please help me to cancelmy policy and get the refund.
Policy no.: 0346873001
Policy holders name : Rahul bhattacharjee
Mobile number: 8100536058
Please gelp me as I need the money back badly.

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