Fraud Consultancy In Laxmi Nagar

Hey there my name is Vicky, so this all happened yesterday I received a call from laxmi nagar consultancy name WS campus they asked me are you looking for a job I said yes even I asked them is there is any charges they clearly stated NO so I believed them and went there on the same date, when I reached there it was just this normal house, sat there for a few minutes and got called by one of their HR asked me questions then asked me to pay 700rs that moment I refused and walk away, on my way to home I replied to that msg where there is that company address that you’re looting people asking them to pay 700 bucks, received a msg from their side full of abusive words and convo went on, then received a call from their side where there was a guy asked me stop messaging you, in a bad manner. I’m really pissed off I don’t know whom to contact to shut that fraud consultancy down they are looting so many innocent jobless people! please help

here are the details of that consultancy
W.S. campus S-559 shakarpur school block 2 near Anil properties Laxmi Nagar

Thank you

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