Fraud company – Unicon Real Estate

Location/place: Pune

Name of company/service: Unicon Real Estate

Respected Sir,

I have booked a property throgh Unicon real estate a Noida based company in pune.
At the time of booking they promised to give me pass back amount Rs 10,000. For the same I received a document mentioning that you would passback amount of Rs 10,000 once builder paid to unicon.

Now builder has already paid to unicon in last september 2011. Till the date I not received passback amount from Unicon Real Estate. Every time they give me false commitment and extending the time period. Since last 1+ year I have been following up with entire management But no response.

I have also wasted thousand of rupees to follow up with Unicon. I have also told them they i would go to consumer court if i would not receive payment with X timeline. But they are not taking this seriously and Every time gives me defferent timelines.

Fyi, I’m not the one caught by Unicon but there are other fraud cases too against Unicon Real Estate (

Kindly do needfull and take necessary action immediately.

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