Fraud company Took the money and blackmailing now

Location/place: Tripur

Name of company/service: FirstLight International

We have started an online designer tshirt company and for that we needed 400 tshirts to be printed. Mr Shivaraj who is Sales representative & Mr Jagadish Kumar promised us the delivery in 8 days. We have given advance money also. Now its been 3 weeks and both of them do not even pick up our calls. They give wrong consignment number of courier and keep tracking that for days. Then they say that was wrong LR number and give new number again which is again wrong. We are really frustrated with their attitude. Now the sales rep does not even answer our call or reply to our message. They are the biggest Frauds creating fake LR number. Now they are saying unless we pay full amount they will not deliver goods. We are really frustrated and lost a lot of money. Now they are blackmailing us for full money or our advance money will be lost. Please help us on this. We lost our money and have nothing with us.

Contact numbers of concerned person:
Mr Jagadish Kumar 08015598664
Mr Shivaraj 08147581056

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