Fraud company took 4550rs(registration charge+tax) in name of providing job with salary but didn’t gave salary and now they are not responding.

Details of the fraud company and people’s included in this.

Sir,I am a student from Durgapur(West Bengal).
I have been searching for online jobs and an Easy Way Solutions named company provided me data entry job with taking 1050rs as a registration fees and later they took 3500rs in name of tax but they didn’t have me my salary neither my own money.
As they provided me job through WhatsApp number and in Truecaller they all shows the location of Delhi. The contact numbers are:-
1.Mr.Chetan Mishra-7065871069
2.Mr.Raman Sharma-7065557294

And they took money in bank account,details are:-




Sir please find this type of group and punish them because we are students and we need money to meet our needs and we easily believe and pay them money for the job they promise to give but they cheats us,it’s not only about me sir there are many students being cheated daily as you can see in many YouTube video and websites also.
So,find them and give genuine justice to me.

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