fraud company

Location/place: delhi

Name of company/service: naukri is a job portal site whic h provides jobs. i have taken there paid services which is for 3300 after 50%discount and is valid for 1 year.before i have taken there there package they make several calls to avail th package as lured me with many attractions such as( sir u will get the calls within 2 to three days as ur resume got flashed, u will get ur desired job location ans so on) . as soon as i booked the package they stop calling me , don’t even bother to talk when we call i call them and talk in a very rude manner. it was almost 1.5 month i have neither got a single call nor a mail from there side regarding job.and hwen i ask them to refund the amount they say we can’t do that u can do what ever u want. i am really surprised how can they cheat people like this . i have taken my package from janvi ( very rude after availing the package and when i ask to to talk to her senior their i came across a lady named neha ( again she is boss of jahnvi very very rude ).here issue is not of money but issue how can these people cheat . i really want that some strict action to be taken against these people. how they r taking hard earned money of people through cheating.and its my request to all thepeople who r even thinking to avail their paid services never go for that, its complete fraud.

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