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After my experience in availing the weight loss service from this company, i do not even want to give one star to this fraud company. To think of availing weight loss service in Kolors was the worst decision i have taken in my life. I started to avail slimming service at Kolors, Karkhana in October 2018. I was told that i would lose “Upto 8 – 10 KGs” in 25 sittings, 2 sittings per weeks, so probably 3 months. Its been 3 months now, and instead of losing weight, i have put on 2 KGs now. There was neither weight loss nor inch loss. The employees of this company ask the clients to write a review online, otherwise they ask the phone from clients and write the online reviews with their own hands. This is the trap they set to attract people from online reviews. I have paid the entire amount while joining and now i am being ditched by them. It is a waste of money, time and energy to invest in such a cheat company. When i ask for result, they say that my body is not responding for treatment, WTF! I have asked a few ladies who were availing he service along with me, and most of them have the same complaint with the organisation. Only 20% of people are satisfied with the slimming and they are losing weight because they have given up on eating food completely and living on liquid diet, eggs and fruits/ veggies diet. If that is what makes you lose weight then why would i even pay so many bucks to these people, insane. Maintaining diet is different from skipping food completely. I had to ask them so many times for diet plan, but they do not give the diet until asked for. They say that i am not following the diet because of which i am not losing weight. Ok, if i do not follow diet, at least in one hour of session they provide, i must shell out some fat from my body, but even that is not the case. On the advertisement board, you’ll see that they claim to lose 500GM to 1KG in one hour, but let me tell you guys, i just lose 100- 200 GM in one session. For the sake of proof, i have attached my weight tracker in this post, it’s gonna prove that what i have posted here is truth. It is the worst experience of my life. Kolors is a big liar and fraud for slimming services.

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