Fraud company

They got my profile from job portal, called me and said i need to make Rs.5000.00 to get a job out of 2, 1 from UAE and 1 from London, they were continuously calling me. After making the payment, they said they had created me a website which is just one page and can be made with few hundred rupees.
Then a guy called Suresh called me from his personal number and asked to pay more money by convincing with various reason, after paying around 80000, he stopped responding to my calls or mails and none responded my calls.
Somehow when I reached them through other number they started disconnecting my calls.
Somehow I got hold of them since I had my friend practicing as advocate in Supreme court.
Then they started negotiating for refund for 50% percent, when I was irate and shouted at them, they returned only 60% of the amount mentioning so many reason.

Dont pay even a paisa to them, they are not worth even for it.

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