Fraud commitment of DTDC

Location/place: Kolkata

Name of company/service: DTDC

dtdc a courier company , they commit about 100% money back guarantee if the goods will not be delivered within next 1 business day in their dtdc plus plan. normal delivery charge is Rs.60 but the dtdc plus delivery charge is Rs.195.I’ve urgent documents to send to gurgaon within 1 business day thats why I take the Rs.195 plan,but they delivered this documents after 3 business day.(send on 7/06/2012-received on 11/06/2012). But when I go for claim the money they said that they will take the action after get the receipt scan copy which will be sent from gurgaon dtdc branch. after a day when I got the scan receipt copy they modified the date 8/06/2012 instead of 11/06/2012. And I just shocked. I just want to take an action Please help me. This is not a matter of money this a matter of business commitment. Is this fair? This company is “FRAUD” about commitment. They are doing their business about on lying commitment.

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