fraud comapny not refund my amount

Location/place: bijapur

Name of company/service:

I have ordered Micromax A50 One form l with order number KA/117417 on 04th-May-2013. At first they promised to dispatch the order by 19th-May-2013. I waited. Then the delivery/dispatched date changed to 25th. I again waited. I thought maybe there is some problem. It might just happen. Then I called them many time , and they told me that it will be dispatched from tear end by every evening. I again waited. That whole day was gone and I had not got any confirmation from them. The next day I again called, they told me that they will be dispatching the order by 30th and they have escalated to a concerned team. I again waited. The next day I called and they told me that the matter is already escalated and to wait till evening. I again waited and called in evening. In the evening I was told that the Package is ready to dispatch and only left to pick up by courier services. I told them to make it a priority as I waited for so many days. They told me that by next morning I will be getting my confirmation message. And I again waited. The next day I didn’t receive any Mail and I gain called up. They told me that as it is Saturday, the courier service won’t be able to take your pick and it will be done on Monday in the first hour. I was very much disappointed. When I called them I was told that there is a stock issue and it will be delayed by 24 hours. I then cancelled my order as I have to give the phone as a gift to someone. They told me that my cancellation has been processed. I waited for a confirmation about the cancellation but got none. I again called up and they told me that as the order is already packaged it can’t be cancelled. I told them that I have called earlier and they have already told me that my order is cancelled but they did not listen to me. Now they have asked me to refuse the order from my end and then the money will be refunded. I have not got any shipment yet and its past 42 days. They are neither cancelling my order neither refunding the money back. I have become very restless calling them. Please help me sir as it involve a huge amount of money (Rs 4125). I have also mailed them but no results. Please help me.

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