Fraud, Cheating, Harassment and Misleading Facts by Club Mahindra.

I want to bring your attention about the false promises made by the representative & manager of Club Mahindra.

Member Name: Mrs. Husna J Khan

Email ID: [email protected],

Contact Number : +919580916546, +919336987560

Everything started when I received a phone call made from the company Club Mahindra asking us to come to their office to collect gift as your name has been shortlisted in a lucky draw. And you & your wife invited to our office to collect the prize & give us some time approx 45 minutes in our office. Without knowing the actual story behind it. We went to their office at Sahara Ganj Mall, Lucknow on 30-dec-2014. The company representative name Ms. Preeti Ghai attend us & show some plans. As she followed shows the plan (presentation) our interest developed in it and The person Ms. Preeti Ghai representative of Club Mahindra approaching us to take a holiday like 5* hotel of 4N-5D as complementary in any resort of Club Mahindra Holidays. They told me that this can happen only after paying 22200/- only. I told her it’s too costly for this so she said this amount is not for 4N-5D HOLIDAY, that’s totally free, In 22200/- we give you 3N-4D holiday + 3000/- RCV + buffet-food + 7N-8D for international holiday from RCI and many more activities & games in resorts for 4 adults & 2 child’s. And she was promising us that if we didn’t like complementary holiday in Club Mahindra Resort & services, so any time we will claim for refund and withdraw full payment. Ms. Preeti Ghai representative of Club Mahindra Holidays put lot of pressure on me to take this package and created such a situation in front of my wife saying like you don’t want to spend money for madam. So, I ask for any senior & responsible person then Mr. Harmeet Singh Kalra (takeover manager) come to us and told us that all she is saying is 200% right & I’m (Mr. Harmeet) responsible for all. I thought for a while and then agreed to it.

So, after clearing my payment 22200/- INR in JAN-2014 (in part). I requested to Ms. Preeti Ghai to make my holiday in 2nd or 3rd week of Feb-2014. Then she told me that this can happen only when I complete the membership formality. I asked what formality? You didn’t tell me anything like this? Then I go to Mr. Harmeet and tell him all the things, so he told me that when you got a call from Chennai (the third party office is just for formality) so say yes only. Then After 10 to 15 days you received the allotment kit & coupons what we promise to you, then we book your holiday. Before that how I show that you are our client. So please complete that call with say OK on phone. That time I think he is talking genuine so we are waiting for that call. When we got call from Chennai and what she says to us it was totally different which was promised by Ms. Preeti Gai & Mr. Harmeet.

I got completely frustrated but we say yes to her on phone for all and complete that call with OK,

After that we went to Mahindra office and ask Mr. Harmeet about all that, like- my blue studio change to white studio, my co-applicant name is changed, how? So he told me that it changed by mistake in filling forms online you don’t worry. When you will get the kit then come here and I’ll manage all things. So from that time I’m waiting for my kit and I got that kit in last of JAN-2014.

Then I request to Mr. Harmeet for my holiday booking to goa in feb-2014, and then he asked me for 4000/- extra cash for white studio? So I gave him 4000/- by CHQ and then I visit Club Mahindra Office at Sahara Ganj continuously 1 week for more than 2-times in a day for bookings but he didn’t make bookings.

After that in last week of Feb-2014, I had gone to their Hazratganj office situated at habibullah-state and met Ms. Shailja Tripathi and told her all the things. then she told me “Sir, 1st of all you mail us to hold the EMI @ member relations then you talk to Mr. Harmeet. We can’t do anything in this”

Then again I ask Mr. Harmeet for booking or refund and he always told me no space in resort its red & purple season. But I’m trying my best, so I told him to give me Goa booking in last of March-2014 now you have much time. Otherwise please refund my full payment 26200/-, and I don’t want anything from you. Then he agreed and told me to mail for booking in March to Goa. I told him we are going to issue traveling tickets of Goa @ 24000/- & I mailed him for booking in March. And after that I also mail @ member relations for EMI hold but at the last moment he deny to make the same what he said, so I got angry to him. Then I book hotel by myself for 3N by 12000/- and other 2N we manage in Goa.

After that when we came from Goa on 28th march 2014. I ask Mr. Harmeet about this fraud & said I am going to complain the police then He promised me that my money will be refunded within a month but after that I have not received any amount till now. Each time when I ask him for my refund, they say that just 15 days more, your refund request is under process it will come from head office so please wait for some time. But after some time he didn’t received my calls & also not available in office.

After that, I call to Club Mahindra Holidays customer care to ask cancellation and refund but they refused & still didn’t refund my pay of 26200/-

In May-2014 I met an accident out of station and my right leg was fractured so I’m on bed-rest for 2 months. Then after that I again went to their office in habibullah state hazratganj 08-august where I explained the whole situation to MR. Shah. He told me that Mr. Harmeet is not in our system now and we (Club Mahindra) don’t give any refund. He told me that I may go and complain to police & court or consumer forum where I want.

I have all the proofs of fraud done with me since January 2014 to till now.

So please resolved this matter professionally & refund my money as soon as possible or I will be forced to complain in consumer-court against Club Mahindra.

So, please let me know when you can refund my money.

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