Fraud, Cheat & False commentments by Job Placement Agency’s

I am Rajesh Jain. I want to complaint about Fraud, Cheat & False commentments done to me by 2 Job Placement Agency’s

1).Dwarka Group Regd
Tricity Plaza Building Office No 440 4th floor Sec-20 Peer Muchala Panchkula
Mob : 9023377977

2).Chaitanya Group Regd
Sco 31 Basement Phase 1 Near Franco Hotel Mohali 140501
Poonam Thakur : 7307944755, Deepika : 9023321234
Email : [email protected]

I went to Dwarka Group & paid them a registration fee of 2,160/- on June 26,2014 to assist me in finding a Job they called me committing that 4 Companies have short-listed me for job & they guarenteed that no interview will be conducted & you will not be rejected from any company’s side & you have to choose which company you want to join according to your comfort of Location, Salary, Shift time & asked to pay Rs 10,000/- more to there Head Office Chaitanya Group Regd as half months salary in advance as a company procedure.

I paid Rs 10,000/- to Chaitanya Group on 2 July,2014 and they assured & guarenteed that your joining on job will be on July 9, 2014.

I called them on 9th July asking for Joining comformation but there was no

Joining comformation & satisfactory replies from there side after that they

sent me 3 different companies for interview’s
1).Amertex Industries LTD- Industrial Area Phase 1, Panchkula, Haryana 134113
Interview Result : Rejected. No Reply from Amartex.
2).Nahar Group of Companies – Nahar Fabrics Unit Chandigarh-Ambala Road, Lalru
Interview Result : Rejected as post was Filled 2 days before.
3).Vasu Construction- Sec-20 Panchkula
Interview Result : Rejected as post was not relevent to my experience.

I was rejected by all the 3 companies so I visited Chaitanya Group several times asking for Job & about there committment of no rejection by companies but instead of assisting me in job they keep telling me to wait for 10-15 days & gave me false committments then I contacted some people who were registered with Chaitanya group & I found this company was fraud & not Legit.
I immediately contacted them on 26 Aug 2014 & asked them to refund my full money as you are not Legit & dont want your service. They Promised me to refund me 10,000/- & not the entire amount in between 21 days.
Its been 23 days & I have not got my money back from there side & its been 3 months that I am out of Job & has been continously Cheated & harassed by these 2 Companies.

Therefore, I request Consumer Forum to take serious action against these 2 companies. Please Help me get my complete Registration amount & compensation from them & cancel there licences so that they won’t be able to do Scam & Fraud with other Innocent & needy people looking for Jobs.

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh Jain
Mob : 7837769720,7355842769
E-Mail : [email protected]

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