Fraud Case

My Name is Devesh. Hi friends DON’T trust on these guys, Earlier they asked me to create an account and pay the just ₹40 in return they will provide us Job. They are basically coming from Career Website.

I have created the account and pay the Fees ₹40. After I Enter the Debite Details Like (16 digit number And CVV) and I get OTP and After the 15 to 20 min in my account getting fraud and deducted the ₹4000, After 10 min again message shown in my inbox ₹10,000 deducted from my account same after 7 min again throw up the message in my mobile I lose my ₹11000 again. He says its a mistake on our website, I just refill the refund process after 24 hours left I didn’t get any money, They have switched off their mobile and we have tried 3 mobile numbers but Mobile numbers are not reachable.

I was waiting for the payment receipt which I didn’t get I was waiting for half an hours they did not give me the receipt and I didn’t get my ₹30, 000 so I firmly know that they are a fraud and don’t trust in them.

I lost my approximate amount of ₹35,000/- with this site.

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