fraud by

Location/place: mumbai

Name of company/service: yatra / travell agency

hello sir , i booked an air ticket from delhi to mumbai over they told me and they mention on their website that the ticket is refundable, i missed my flight and when i went to to airlines service counter they told me that had cheated me on taht coz the ticket is non-refundable so can they sell u by saying that its refundable and when i registerd a complaint in the their excutive mr.vikarm told me that he cant help me on that kingfisher airlines client service exective also told me if the the passanger is shows no show on gate than only the taxes will deducted and u will get the rest of the amount but only if the ticket is refundable, and on the website they also mentioned that if the passanger will not taken the flight they will deduct only 1500 and they will refund the rest of the amount but they are dening to pay my funds but the matter is if airline policy shows that the ticket is non refundable than how can any one sell same airlines ticket by saying that is refundable i need some justice and hope for positive reply soon from your side and i want u should take some serious action against i have all the document and proofs with me.u can also contact me at 9594061999

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  1. 9 years ago

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