FRAUD by TIKONA Broadband

Location/place: Mumbai

I had bought tikona broadband quarterly 2mbps plan by paying 3months advance payment to them along with rs.500 as installation charges and starting my connection. After a month I decided to discontinue my connection due to non requirement of internet at my premise for which I calledup their helpline 1800-209-4276. My subscriber ID is 1105-790182. I had given the request for discontinuation on 1st of march 2012 after which they declined my request (reference no. 1-2216 376161) because I dint answer their call. But the fact is whenever they have called me they never asked me about the status of my complain and they always asked me the reason for disconnection. Then I again called them on 7th march and came to know that my request was rejected.

On the same day I again submitted fresh request for discontinuation of my connection for which I got a fresh request number 1-2227 833 625. After few days when I called them they said that my complain is still in process and after repeatedly calling they kept on saying the same thing after which in may when I called the customer agent told me that tikona require 45working days time to process the request. I waited till june 2012 and till june they dint disconnect my connection. They asked me to submit a request by email. But during this whole process from february till june I had continuous email them about my request and they seems to be neglecting my request. I have also got the reply by email that they have forwarded my request and will inform you about my complain. But even today till date august 08, 2012 no step has been taken and I still continue to receive bills. I had got several calls in the past form tikona about asking why I want to disconnect and also asking that my bill is pending and everytime they only seems to listen to my complain but no such action is taken.

When I am asking for disconnection then why am I still charged? even if I am not paying for connection still why are they offering me service in the first place? I was asked that my connection will be discontinued and a refund cheque is in process then where is it?

I am harassed by tikona service. I shall forward this complain to the tikona sales head then the regulator and then finally file a complain against the company in the nearby consumer court.

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