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For my order number 084755041020132883510671 dated Apr 10 2013 I have not received any delivery from site yet. Its been about 8 days now since I ordered Micromax HD A116 and for which I have already paid all the money by credit card. Please help me out with this ASAP. My number is 9975620177.
An email that I have got from them is:
Dear Nilesh
This is with regards to the transaction(s) you have processed from Shopjii
Transaction Details
Order Number : 084755041020132883510671
ATRN : 1001304003399265
Amount : 14014.0000
Currency : INR
Request you to confirm this transaction(s) via email. We await your reply within 24 hours.
Direcpay Team
To which I replied as:
order confirmed.
And after some days I got an email saying:
Dear Costumer
Thanks for shopping with us our office is closed today for the Holiday of BENGALI New Years Day It Is an Official Holiday In west Bengal thats Why We Cant Able to Dispatch Your Products Today. Happy Holiday.
You Can Contact Us Online Today By Live Chat.
Our Call Centre is Closed Today.
Team Shopjii.
Also I followed up with them with the below given details:
From [email protected] (Me):
I dint get any order delivery information from your side on the below mentioned order details. May I please get when this product would be delivered to me?
From [email protected] (Shopjii customer support email):
Thanks For Your Order. Your Order Delivered In 5-7 Days.
You Also Receive SMS and Email After Dispatch.
From Me:
I havent got any email or sms of product dispatch. Can you guys really work on it and let me know when exactly the aforesaid product will be delivered to me? Its been about 6 days since I have paid all the money and still waiting for the product.
From their side there is no reply util now and now I am getting fed up with this. They are not even picking up my call to their customer support number 0120-3803022 even between 10AM to 6PM which is their official timing. I have already paid all the money Rs. 14014.00 via credit card and still I am fed up with this. Please do something ASAP on this.

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