Fraud By Mr. John Benn Kennedy

Location/place: Hyderabad

Name of company/service: Service Industry

Dear all, On May 27th i got a mail from Dr. Henry Mark, id is [email protected], saying that i won 5lakhs GBP. and asked me to send my address details, i sent the same, again asked me to recognize you send your ID card, photo, i send the same. yesterday i got a call from 09873589341, from Mr. John Benn Kennedy as agent here to handover the winning prize, he was at RBI at Delhi, asked me 15,500 to pay custom charges. I rejected to pay, and told him to pay from their end , when i got the winning amount you can, deduct the same.

after that one of my friend given a ring to the number, but it was switched off. now it’s working but he didn’t talk in a proper way.

So if any body is there in delhi, plz inform the same to local police.

Don’t leave him, you can cheat people in any way, but don’t play with their, humanity emotions. It’s a big crime. (269 KB)

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