Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: NetAmbit Insurance Broking Com.

Dear Sir,

I am a 73 years old retired person having no income or any pension. Few months back NetAmbit insurance broking company representatives lured me and wrongfully sold several long term policies (by showing one year policy brochures) having cumulative total annual premium of about Rs. 12.37 lacs. Since then I am running after him, his forged policy nos. and insurance company names are mentioned below.

As stated I have any pension or income for last several years. I cannot pay even the second year premium, entire first year premium was paid out of my lifetime savings. I wanted to gift these policies to my granddaughters future investment.

Insurance company & policy numbers are:

1. ICICI – 16431584
2. ICICI – 16469611
3. Kotak – 02379741
4. Kotak – 02377540
5. Kotak – 02377566
6. Tata – C197863820
7. Tata – C244364405
8. Tata – C275068068
9. Tata – C275068071

I am pursuing with NetAmbit fraud insurance broking company, and parallely with all above mentioned insurance companies also but it seems they are not serious. Making excuses, saying freelook period is over we can’t do much.

I even told them that for several months I am constantly chasing NetAmbit agents to get my premium refund & cancel policies immediately after receipt of policy documents (some policy reached me very late because my address was wrong). For several weeks NetAmbit agent kept assuring me that my policy cancellation request is being forwarded, later agent started make FAKE phone calls assuring me that my premium refund & first bonus cheque is under process will be sent soon. He even impersonated that ….so & so from IRDA is calling and your entire family premium corpus is deposited with corporate IRDA fund wait for refunds for some more time.

Ultimately after several months of running around this NetAmbit agent I realized that he is a FRAUD, CHEATER & IMPERSONATOR.

It is not a simple case of wrongful selling but it’s a case of cheating & FRAUD. All policy application forms has forged signatures, wrong information, wrong address, fake income amounts and fake supporting documents. I have checked each insurance company application form copy, policy holder signatures are fake, even basic information like address is incorrect. Other things like medical etc. are also fudged there are no ITR/bank statement as income support.

Agent himself has filled all policy forms, forged all policy holders signatures, given fake income documents… even bank cheque amounts don’t mach premium amount. He has arbitrarily adjusted cheque amount in different policy premiums. Above 9 policies did not only disqualify verification, check, support, but they also have signature forgery, and any contract based on fudged signature can’t be enforced.

Another big issue is without any income proof document or validation, how 5 year & 14 year old child can be given a large sum assured of Rs. 33 lac & 72 lac respectively.

NetAmbit insurance broking company is behind this professional cheaters mastermind, when we told them that we have agent luring phone call records, offering huge bonus gifts as evidence. NetAmbit officials said this agent is not on their rolls, however all above policies have NetAmbit agent code. NetAmbit contact person is Satkam Divya – 9999769570

Take immediate action against this fraud agent network also, mastermind agent is using mobile no. 919899600768, 9654159934 impersonating as Sunil Godwani. His gang members who help him in making fake calls and impersonation are:

Sandeep Thakur – Mobile: 9999568677 and 8285665303
Pankaj & Thomas – Mobile: 9953135771
P. N. Oberoi – 9818833257 and 9818699616
Mr. Sharma – Mobile: 9266833155

I am following up with all individual companies also but my cancellation request is going back & forth between NetAmbit insurance broker and insurance companies. Kindly investigate and help me in getting my life savings.


RAS Gahlowt

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