fraud by dell

Location/place: mohali

Name of company/service: DELL

I bought a DELL INSPIRON 15 R laptop last year in april 2012 . My system starting respnding too slowly , i took ages too start . I complained in DELL tech support many a times and finally after so many discussions and technician came to m place .the main issue was over heating and system being slow . They replaced my fan and the technician told me that the motherboard needs to be replaced . Hence he took my new motherboard and gave me an old refuburished MOtherboard . now my warranty was over by april 2012 . but the motherboard which they replaced didnt function properly and now needs to be replaced . now the dell CCE is saying me to pay 11000 for the replacement of the motherboard . or 15000 with 1 yr waranty . Isn’t it the responsiblity of the dell to give me a warranty of atleast 6 months on the replaced motherboard . This is against the rights of consumer . HELP M

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