Fraud by Club Jiva

My name is Jinkal Patwari and I am an existing Club Jiva member. My membership no. is CJ/PR/R/1764. I bought the membership on 31st March, 2018 in Mahabaleshwar paying full amount through my credit card. My sales point of contact from your side was Ms. Kusum Gupta.

I want to issue a complaint against Club on several accounts. Please find those accounts below,

1. Misselling of the service –

I was missold this membership through wrong information and was never informed about all its features. – For.e.g. I was told that DAE has affiliation of hotels in Paris, Switzerland and Singapore (the destinations which I expressed are my visiting wishlist) and hence I can utilize bonus provided by DAE at these destinations by anywhere in range of 99 to 299 dollars. Instead, I was even provided a calculation of an entire trip to Singapore and how much difference would it make if I go through DAE as against opting to go normally. But now as I understand from your customer service representative (Mr. Jaydeep Shetty), DAE has no affiliation in Singapore and provides only rentals in Paris and not bonus. This is completely against my primary reason of buying the membership (as I am a frequent traveller to Paris and Singapore for business purposes). Also, I was never explained about the exchange feature of the membership which I feel would have to ask further questions to your representative.

2. Inadequacy of service –

I was also told that I will be receiving my Club Jiva ID and password within 15 days and DAE ID and password within 30 days of my payment. This she said after.we expressed we are planning for a vacation in June. However it has been over 9 months now and I am yet to receive DAE login ID or password. Also, the welcome mail arrived 47 days after my payment. Even as per terms and agreement, I am suppose to receive my ID and Password after 90 working days.

3. Lack of support from Customer care team (Mr. Jaydeep Shetty & Mrs. Meena) in Mumbai regarding Refund

I have been constantly calling customer care team in Mumbai since past 9 months and explained them my situation numearous times via all 3 mediums – calls, mails and in-person meeting. While the team acknowledges the issue it is yet not ready to refund my payment. It has been constantly delaying my refund since past 4 months (this after assuring that they will provide it). I have been writing mails to their support team as well as their primary point of contact Mr. Jaydeep Shetty but I do not receive any replies from them although during the same time I have received mails for customer greetings like Happy Ganesh Chaturthi, happy new year and even my annual charges payment. Recently (last December), I spoke to a lady called Meena who is their regional head and she assured me of my refund, however since then they dont pick up my calls and even stopped replying to my mails. I would sincerely request them to share the recordings of all the conversations through my number so that we all can unearth what the truth is behind this entire scam.

My complaint is that during this last 9 month I have been not only been fleeced but also harassed mentally. I have made full payment laying my trust in Club Jiva but have not availed a single service till date and still I am being made to run around circles.

I humbly request you to raise this issue with the company and help me get my refund along with the harassment charges that they are subjected to.

Thank you.

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