Fraud BY ACT broadband

Location/place: Bangalore

Name of company/service: ACT Broadband

SAF : 8021 Executive name : Rajesh -8095551940: Technician no : 7829012586

29 May’13 i decided to go for the ACT broadband & 3rd June’13 i submitted the papers with payment. It all took only 2 calls. Rajesh the executive informed it ll take 2-3 days or max 4-5 days for installation, it is after 5th day i started questioning them they started ignoring the calls, fail to give the information , do not reply to messages,

i called 5 times their customer center for which i am charged 20Rs every time i call cos of the waiting. i blasted the call center and asked him to set up call with his manager. they PROMISE generally ACT’s drama. but they fail to oblige,

Its really a MYTH that ACT broadband is good but the mental torture u face is immense. However airtel had more professional approach towards installation my previous service provider.

Both ACT Technician & executive are hard reach very difficult to connect with them – they take the calls if it is from some other no. Ignore the calls complaints.

Out of frustration i asked for the money refund & i don not want the connection, so far neither manager nor executive / technicians taking the calls,

Bunch of incapable people. I here by request all the readers not to opt ACT its great deal of torture u r inviting. !!
i have recorded some of their calls & try to upload them, U can decide upon that.

IF ANY ONE FROM ACT IS READING THIS PROVE ME WRONG ! give me the service i require else refund my money.

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