Fraud being committed on listeners of 92.7 BIG FM

Location/place: New Delhi

Name of company/service: 92.7 BIG FM DELHI (Reliance ADA group)

Hi! Want to inform you about massive CORRUPTION going on inside the DELHI BRANCH of BIG FM 92.7. Following is a copy of the letter sent to the appropriate authorities and Consumer Court grievance redressal cells.

This is to inform you of a big scam going on in a Contest being currently run by FM Radio Station 92.7 BIG FM DELHI(Part of Reliance ADA group). The contest is being sponsored by Whirlpool. The listeners are being asked to send SMSes to a PREMIUM CHARGES number 55454 every time they hear a keyword in a song being played between 7 AM to 8 PM every day. They keyword is given at the start of the day and listeners are told to send as many correct SMSes as they can in the fastest possible time. At no point during the FM broadcast does any RJ (Radio Jockey) informs the listeners that this number 55454 is a PREMIUM CHARGES number and the charges are Rs.3 per SMS (it might be different for different Telecom companies). The listeners are told that they can win either a Whirlpool Split AC or a Fridge if they win at the end of the day.

But my complaint is that they seem to be giving all the prizes to their own friends (mostly females as all the RJ’s including their chief RJ, Vidhi, are females). I experienced this massive corruption going on first hand. I gave the maximum correct answers via SMSes on 14th, 18th and 21st June (today), yet they gave the prize (worth around Rs. 30,000) to someone else. It is humanly impossible to give the answers faster than what I did. I have all the SMSes along with their Time Stamps saved with me. If you compare my number of SMSes with those of the declared winners along with my timing, then you would find that I should have been declared the winner and not them. Specially today (21st June) I’m confident that I should have been the real winner. What these people are doing is unfair and unethical. They are guilty of criminal corruption. If they were a government agency then I could have got the timings of the declared winners through RTI (Right To Information), but since these people are a private company I cannot get the required information from them which will prove them guilty of corruption in declaring the contest winners. These people are making fools of all the listeners by:

1. Not telling them the COST of the SMS sent to their Premium Charges number 55454.

2. By giving all the prizes (Air conditioners and Refrigerators) to their own friends. The corruption is more evident when the prize of the day is an AC (since it has a higher value).

I urge you to take the strictest possible action on this company (92.7 BIG FM DELHI) and get me justice.

Sincerely yours,
Navin Bajaj

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