fraud behaviour of coaching refused to give classes when i complaints against them

Location/place: dehradun uttarakhand

Name of company/service: Brilliant30 coaching institute G.M.S road

i am a student who joined the above mention coaching institute on 6 oct. They initially promise to give us good classes and said that there will be regular classes of 2 hours with no holiday except sunday …

But i found bad quality of teaching with low standard and frequent absent of teacher form the class mostly in a week 3-4 time and not even 1 hour class.

when i complaint against this behaviour they were not ready to listen and didn’t pay any heed.

after that they give us diwali break of 3 days which they extended as per their need without informing me when i went in between on i didn’t find the teacher and nobody hear my plead and the institute didn’t give classes from 10 nov to 27 nov.

when i again went there they said we won’t teach you since you have complaints against us and talk to me with the words like you don’t know who i am.

i have hardly got the classes for 3-4 weeks in which most of the time either the teacher just teaches to pass the time or was absent . they promise to give various other classes but didn’t each us anything except one subject that too of poor quality.

Also i was charged extra fee for spoken english program of which i didn’t get even a single class

They first told me to pay the fee in 2 installment of 5000 each now they want me to give other installment also else they will not teach me. .

i want my fee 5000+600 registration fee to be refunded plus the allowance of travel and wastage of my time and energy.

they threatened me that no action can be taken against them.
i am a student and don’t know what to do in such situation i feel cheated and a victim of a fraud institute who plays with the future of student i am really sad for their behaviour and

wants your advise …

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