Fraud Bank

I have a loan with Chembur Nagarik Branch ac no 014501400000017, panvel branch. I was paying emis regularly till dec 2018. I had 2 heart attacks and lost my job. I send them a check in february. Instead of sending the check for clearance they used the information to put a block on my HDFC account and guarantors account. I requested them to close my FD and RD and take the money. They refused. Swapnil in the branch mere check chupake rakha so they could block my account. I spoke to Thakur from the Chembur branch. He said they will take 28000 rs and release the money. But is 7 days they have blocked my account. They are doing this to cause me harm. I needed the money for treatment. I had to get admitted to the hospital on 11th february. I was unable to do so as they blocked my account. I want to use this forum to tell you that if something happens to me CNS is responsible. They have hired gundas to hurt people.

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