Location/place: Delhi

Name of company/service: TATA Indicom

From last 1.5 yrs i was using TATA prepaid connection in Delhi. In the month of Nov 2011, i received a call from one of your sales outlet where by a sales executive (female) offered me a postpaid connection in which i had to deposit Rs 600 initially out of which 100 would be activation charges and rs 500 would be refundable after 40 days.

After confirmation from my side one executive came and collected the form (filed up), KYC doc & Rs 600/- from me. Later on i didn’t found any progress in that case, as neither my number was converted in to postpaid nor i got any confirmation. Then i called up back two three time in Nov, on that number (from which i received calls) for activation, it was told to me that it is under processing.

Further in December i again called up asking for activation, they again told me some story of processing time. Than in IInd half of December i fed up and called again your sales outlet and this time i very specifically asked not to convert my number from prepaid to post paid and now i m not in need of it. It was told to me that i will be getting a call from their seniors for refund. However i didnt received any call.

I followed it again in two three times in january & asked very specifically not to convert my number and refund of my money, whereby it was again told to me that i will be getting calls from some of their seniors however neither i received back any call nor my money back.

In the mean time my phone was lying idle of no use.

Then in Feb all of a sudden one day i received a call that my bill is outstanding and near to due date.

Then i lodged a complaint on phone banking but didn’t received any resolution.

Then In March i visited your CP outlet where by it was told to me that your sales executive has taken waiver for initial deposit of Rs 600/- and has pocketed away the money. There i was told to me that i will be getting resolution.

However till date i have neither received my money back nor i have received any resolution of the issue, However any day i received a call asking for bill payment, but whenever i tell my story there is no one to help.

I had also submitted the scan copy of acknowledgment of Rs 600/- deposited by me.


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