Fraud and misbehaviour by cce.

Location/place: bhopal

Name of company/service: Airtel mobile

i have a airtel prepaid no since last 4,6 years i have started a sms voucher on this no ,its on auto renewal mode it expired on 16/06/2012 at that time i dint have sufficent balance amount becoz of that sms voucher din’t get auto renewd on 17/06/2012 i recharged my mobile and had sufficent balance i waited for few hours so that my sms voucher gets auto renewd but it din’t happen i called customer care and asked them to do the so …my call got disconected i was charged 1 Rs for the interaction again i called my call was disconected again charged i waited and recharged my from a shop i was charged 64 rs after few hours i found my bal was reduced by 64 rs from main balance i called customer care the regulary disconected my call and always i was charged with some money.i think this is total fraud by a reputed company like Airtel the customer care people totaly have the call’s on there command when to disconect the call.sir i request u to kindly take corrective action again’st them.

Mohan ShaRMA
[email protected]

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