Fraud and harassment by Airtel

Location/place: bangalore

Name of company/service: Airtel

Dear Sir/Madam,

My Airtel fixed lan line no is 080-42150383.In the month of Jan 2012 we had requested for IP Tv from Airtel ,Later we were informed that IPTV cannot be intalled in our appartment but Rs 1000 was charged in our bill for next month.
Then we requested for a cancelleation for IP Tv and asked for refund of my amount but it was never done.

We then requested for the change in Broadband plan to 1399 4Mbps .

Again after a month we got a reply that plan cannot be changed because IP tv is there.

we then again complained for cancelleation for the deativation on 3rd may with mr rajesh (some senior manager)
After discussion with the complain no:15217558

I was called from Airtel and comfirmed that my IP TV is Cancelled.

Then again requested for Plan change on 13-May with my complain no 15698676.

But my plan is not even changed now.

when i called today for the status they say it cannot be done because IP TV is not cancelled.

I shouted for some manager no to complain then i was given a no of Mr Sachiv Nodel head which is a wrong no.0804111533.

I have again given a fresh request for Cancelleation of IP TV today on 22nd June complain no 17563054.

I asume for sure that the history will repeat.

Due to not change in Plan i have to spend 1500 rs extra every month since Feb and Rs 1000 which was charged for IP tv is still not refunded and moreover nobody turned up for IPTV installation.

Hence you are requested to help me copensate on the above matter from Airtel and grand me justice.


Noor Ahmed

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